The ever-growing market for process mining offers a lot of value not only to the companies that leverage its powerful features, but also to the new players in the game: the process mining consulting companies. Since we at Process& are the process mining consulting leaders, we know what our customers want the most and how to deliver it to them.

Celonis as the Process Mining Leader

Celonis is currently a clear leader in the process mining game and they have the stats to back them up. Just take a look at the graph from Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Process Mining for the year 2020:

process mining everest

Celonis has grabbed a position that’s well ahead of the competition because of their market impact, vision, and capabilities. When it comes to choosing a process mining solution, they’re the obvious choice.

Process& as Your Go-To Process Mining Consulting Company

As the top company in the industry, Celonis must deal with huge demand, which is essential in order to sustain the established growth of their product. Unfortunately, this means that they can only accommodate a certain amount of their customers on their own and, therefore, are often reliant on the flawless execution of their service partners.

Process& has been a service partner of Celonis for almost as long as Celonis has existed and it is no secret that we have always had a great inter-company relationship. Their Service Excellence Partnership Program known as ‘Accelorate’ provides further insights into our collaborative efforts.

accelorate celonis

In Accelorate, each partner is categorized into a separate tier based on the number of implemented processes, the expertise of Celonis, and the number of official Celonis certifications amassed. These categories are:

  • Certified
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
medals accelorate celonis

To earn the highest partner badge – Platinum – the process mining consulting company must truly meet the highest of standards, which, we are excited to say, we have. Process& has been a Celonis Platinum Service Partner for almost a year now.

Even Celonis Co-Founder Alexander Rinke rushed to congratulate us on the great success on our LinkedIn page.

With us, you are in the hands of our most proficient data scientists and process mining architects. With Process&, your process mining initiative is guaranteed to end with success.

In order to become a decorated process mining company, you must follow certain rules that are applicable not only to the process mining consulting companies, but to any consulting company!

Eight Steps to Become a Top-Class Process Mining Consulting Company

1. Get to know your customer

Process mining doesn’t have any limits. For that reason alone, it is very likely that you and your process mining consulting company might be integrating a process with a retail brand one month and with a car manufacturer the next.

Therefore, you should be ready for a vast amount of deviation and specificity with each of your customers.

Getting to know your customers is highly recommended even if you are expecting the implementation of the well-known and documented Order-to-Cash process.

2. Scope the right way

Just because your previous customer was interested in Maverick buying and the frequency of manual changes in order price doesn’t mean that your next will do the same.

More often than not, each company has a different set of rules in place for their processes.

Your job as a process mining consulting expert is to search for these patterns and pinpoint and address the issues that your customer needs to focus on.

Scoping can be as easy as asking questions, but you shouldn’t be afraid to send out specially designated scoping templates in the form of whole documents.

3. Listen to your customer’s needs and wishes

Having one prefabricated Order-to-Cash process is always helpful. Standardization is highly recommended in any line of work, but it cannot end there.

If you want to be the best process mining consulting company your customer ever worked with, you must bring more to the table. Listen to your customers, they often have certain needs and wishes.

On the other hand, it is also very important to manage expectations! You can learn how to do that in our previous article.

4. Deliver what you have promised and promise what you will deliver

Once you start with implementation, your customer will have certain expectations. Don’t ever let your customer down, but also be sure to always communicate your next steps.

5. Always expect the unexpected

Murphy’s law says that if something can go bad, it definitely will. Your job as a process mining consulting expert is to be ready for any unexpected unpleasantries.

If any issues come up (and trust me, they will), two things are essential in handling them the right way:

• Communication with your customer, and

• Your best intentions to solve the problem

If your customer finds out that you crashed their database and didn’t notify them, you might very well go look for some new customer.

Good communication is key.

6. Never forget to follow up

As we just mentioned, good communication is key. On-time follow ups are of great importance because it proves to your customer that you care.

7. Go the extra mile

Do you remember when you last received a call from your internet provider or bank just to make sure you’re satisfied with their services? Me neither.

Just because B2B is not as personal as B2C, it doesn’t mean that your customers don’t need to feel that warm personal touch.

If you are a manager and are overseeing a process mining project, try giving a call every now and then to the stake holders at your customer’s company. They will appreciate it!

8. Strive for more

Build on the level of mutual trust. Your process mining project literally opens the door to future collaboration. Why not use it?

It is in the best interest of both your customer and your own process mining consulting company to explore potential possibilities and processes that can be implemented.

Customer retention is a pressing problem for a lot of enterprises, but it doesn’t have to be an issue for your process mining consulting company.

Are you a great process mining consulting company?

The consulting field is an extremely competitive line of work. Big consulting companies are very often considered as the preferred partner for any kind of implementation.

However, it doesn’t have to always be that way. If you are a small company or department and you deliver your customer excellence based on our 8 steps guide, you can rest assured that your process mining consulting team will not only retain the customer, but that you will have a long and mutually successful business relationship together.

In Process& we have been following these steps and we have been rewarded with many fruitful relationships with companies such as Deutsche Bahn, R+V or Swisscom, both world-class leaders in their respective fields.

Are you in doubt with your process mining initiative? Get in touch with Process&, the process mining consulting market leader!

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