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The essence of Process Mining.

How does Process Mining work?

Most operational systems record every detail of what happens in a process. Think of these activities as “digital footprints” people leave behind as they move through a process. Process Mining captures the digital footprints from any number of systems throughout an organization. It organizes them in a way that shows each step of the journey along with any deviations from the expected path.

Why is process transparency so important?

An incomplete view of the performance of a business process can lead to misguided decisions and costly mistakes. The ever increasing complexity of business process transformations and optimization poses a tremendous challenge for process transparency, control, and efficiency. Using state-of-the-art Process Mining Technologies, we increase the transparency of your processes giving you greater control over business operations.

What comes after transparency?

Based on data- and fact-driven insights from top-down and bottom-up perspectives, we define and prioritize process optimization measures in order to tackle process bottlenecks. By using the Celonis Action Engine we directly support your operativity via smart messages exactly where and when they are needed.

Why Processand?

Processand was founded by passionate data scientists and former Celonis employees.

Founded in 2017 by former Celonis data scientists and business developers, Processand was build entirely to ensure the clients' success with the Process Mining technology. Our expertise comes right from the development source and we have one of the most extensive track records in the world.

Our teams are comprised of highly experienced data engineers, data scientists and machine learning specialists to guarantee the fast and reliable completion of even the most complex projects and tasks.

Headquartered in Munich - with offices in the US and Asia - Processand is on a mission to help enterprises turn their raw data into quick and tangible business value.

Begin your Process Mining journey with a partner you can trust.

Every journey begins with the first step. Let our team of highly experienced Process Mining veterans guide you through the rough parts of the road ahead and help you realize maximum ROI with minimal risk.

Organizational fit

Make sure your Process Mining initiative is set up to prefectly fit into your company's culture and working processes.

Data collection

We help you extract the necessary data from a large variety of IT systems, whether it be on-premis or in the cloud.

Data transformation

Our extensive knowhow in different processes and systems provides your with a very fast event log creation for any given business or custom process.


Based on many transformation projects, you can rely on a large Processand best-in-class use case repertoire to ensure value-driven analyses for your organization.

Value and Discovery

Based on the insights we can produce for you, our value discovery framework provides you with elaborate quick wins as well as long term process optimizations.

Processand care program

in order to extend the process mining success in your organization, we support you with our "Processsand Care" program after the initial process implementation.


01. Collect

Every interaction inside the transactional systems of your business (like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.) leaves "digital footprints" - raw data that can be transformed into a history of actions.

The first stage of Process Mining involves data engineers establishing a continuous data link to key data sources (through pre-build connectors and APIs), extracting and transforming raw data into an event log.

Event logs have three parts:

An acitivity
A timestamp
An object ID

Process Mining technology aggregates these event logs and reconstructs process flows across your whole organization as they happened - every time they happened.

02. Discover

Analyzing event logs at scale renders your whole process environment in a level of detail that whiteboards, interviews and process mapping software could never provide— every step of every process, every time it’s ever been executed.

In the second stage of Process Mining, data analysts methodically quantify the sum total of your process environment: every case, pathway, variation and error, as well as their business impacts.

The objective is to discover:

Points of friction (and their root causes)
Optimal process flows (and every deviation from them)
Business outcomes (for initial conditions and corrective actions)

All of this happens across a few different steps:

Process discovery

Build a complete picture of every process by exploring an interactive visualization of key metrics, like:

  • Volume of cases/items in the process
  • Total value of cases/items in the process
  • Number of steps in the process
  • Number of different paths (“variants”) that cases/items take through the process
  • Number of cases/items that flow through each variant
  • Visualization of steps and variants

Process analytics

Use powerful AI to understand the root cause (and enhancement opportunity) of every process variation, determine its operational significance and prioritize your response according to its impact on meaningful KPIs tied to key business outcomes, like:

  • On-time delivery
  • Working capital
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Risk reduction
  • Operating costs
  • Automation rates

03. Enhance

The variations and root causes identified during the Discover phase form the basis of enhancement opportunities—practical actions that remove friction and automate flow for your human and digital work forces.

In the third stage of Process Mining business users leverage AI and machine learning models to execute these enhancement actions across all relevant transactional systems within the same Process Mining interface.

These actions could be in service of:

Correcting errors
Removing erroneous steps (or adding new ones)
Reducing manual effort
Improving orchestration, standardization and governance
Increasing rates of automation

04. Monitor

Continual improvement is central to Process Mining—discovery, analysis and enhancement are on-going activities that keep your processes in tight lockstep with your evolving business needs.

In the fourth stage of Process Mining, executives and managers measure and monitor process performance toward KPIs and business outcomes.

This feedback loop is vital to help the entire business:

Hold teams accountable to progress against targets
Course-correct in real time
Grow engagement across different teams
Build demand for further Process Mining initiatives across the business
Communicate success upward and outward

Our Process Mining use case collection.

Process Mining has a wide variety of applications in an enterprise. It can be beneficial in many diverse situations and across a multitude of organizations.

Process Performance Indicator (PPI) Reporting

Create complete process KPIs and dashboards for any business process.

Auditing and Compliance

Drive compliance with agreed processes, rules and regulations

Digital Transformation

Understand the "big picture" - how organizations work, what to prioritize, and what to transform

Digital Fit

Increasing process performance by identifying activities that can be automated

Process Improvement

Identify bottlenecks, rework, and other symptoms of inefficient processes


Making sure that Shared Service Centers or Accounting Departments are equipped with an optimum quantity of clerks

IT & ERP Development

Support ERP consolidation, new deployments and major version upgrades

Early Warning System

Supporting the shop floor or production planning to intervene proactively to ensure delivery dates can be kept

Robotic Process Automation

Understand the actual processes, variations, and automation opportunities in order to succeed In RPA projects

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