We turn your process mining initiative into value.

Let us guide you on your process mining journey. From technical implementation to strategic planning and organizational change. With our many years of experience and over 50 successful process mining clients we know exactly how to turn your project into a success.

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A partner you can trust in any situation throughout the whole process mining journey

Let our team of highly experienced data scientist guide you all the way. From the initial planning, through the technical implementation, to the final transformation consultation and value creation.

Process Mining

We turn your projects into success with our extensive implementation experience and our best-of-class process mining use cases.

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Process & Transformation

Take on the next step and let us show you how we created massive business value for our other clients already.

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Advanced Analytics &

Bring your process performance to the next level with RPA, Machine Learning, intelligent algorithms and more

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The right Partner

Don't reinvent the wheel, let us do the heavy lifting.

With our extensive process mining experience from projects across 15 industries and over 80 connected processes, we are uniquely equipped to guarantee the success of your process mining initiative right from the start.

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The right Foundation

Extract insights from a solid data foundation.

Connecting the right sources

Over the years we have aggregated extensive experience with a wide variety of source systems and databases. Let us consult you on the best extraction methods and the necessary data tables you will need for your process mining or data analytics project.

Data tailored to your organization's needs

We know that very project has different requirements. During targeted sessions with your IT and business experts, we will tailor every detail to your exact expectations.

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Fastest time to value

Find the answers you are looking for.

Go beyond simple visualizations. Uncover true value with our exhaustive, proprietary use case library and the most advanced process mining scripts on the market. We offer quick and reliable implementation services for ERP standard processes as well as highly specialized custom processes.

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Move on to new heights

Secure know-how and find new opportunities.

Feeling stuck in the middle of your initiative? Let our experienced consultants help you interpret analyses, train internal resources and uncover new efficiency opportunities inside your organizaton. Over the years, we have lead many clients from blunt dashboards to large savings and process improvements. Let us do the same for you.

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wide-ranging expertise

Benefit from our industry-leading experience

A strong track-record across all major industries, including...

Health Services &

Financial Services

Transportation & 

Oil & Gas

Consumer Goods &





IT Services


Food & Beverages

wide-ranging expertise

Trust in the most extensive implementation know-how across source systems and third party providers on the market

We connect all of your systems, no matter if they are on-premise or in the cloud.

...and more
Find out how we can create value for you.
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