HR is not HR

Often times, we meet people who still view HR primarily as recruitment and payroll. This is not the reality anymore: as the workplace landscape keeps changing, HR is also adapting and evolving. Human Resources now manages diversity and inclusion, training and development, evaluations, legal compliance, company culture, and the many new complexities of the modern workplace.

There are many tools to help HR manage their mountains of data, ideally reducing the time and complexity it takes to perform these tasks and saving the company money in return. But what about fundamental process changes or improvements? How do you strategically assess HR, not only from a performance view, but also including operational and strategic factors?

Times have Changed

Worldwide, the struggle for qualified candidates increases, while prospects often decrease. Once a candidates is in the door, organizations need to hold onto them. Things move quickly in today’s marketplace and a slow hiring process is more than just lost time – candidates might be snatched up by a faster-moving competitor, lose interest, or decrease their motivation for the organization.

Some technologies, mixed with HR experience over the years, help companies meet these challenges, but tracking and trying to have an overview of all the moving parts with small-scale or narrow-focus applications or solutions isn’t very effective and does not yield sufficient results. However, Process Mining is a comprehensive solution that can answer the right questions all at once.

New Insights into HR Processes

Which leads provide the best candidates? What’s the trickle-down effect on offer acceptances when the process lasts more than 5 days, or less than 3 days? With Process Mining, organizations do not have to rely on anecdotal evidence and can piece together the answers to these questions from various sources.

Furthermore, you can see where most issues and bottlenecks come from, which in turn will accelerate your talent acquisition process. This means that employees place and contribute to your company faster. Process Mining helps organizations improve, for example, in Procurement or Sales, but it can also do so in streamlining recruitment, improving onboarding, expanding employee development opportunities, and optimizing compensation strategies. These seemingly small changes lead to large middle- and long-term returns for organizations.

Candidates and applicants see HR representatives as the first representatives of how a company values and treats its employees. But that is not only about HR representatives, it is also about the processes and structures behind the scene that influence the whole experience. Process Mining shows the actual processes of the HR department and enables the optimization and redesign of those processes, so HR managers can use the resources available more efficiently and create a top-notch workplace environment that will fuel strategic success.

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