Employee Spotlight

Christine Häcker

Data Scientist

Tell us about yourself

Hey, my name is Christine, and I am a Data Scientist at Processand. I started as an intern in 2020, a week before the first Covid Lockdown. During my master’s degree in mathematics, I worked as a working student and after graduation I joined full time. That already makes three different types of employment in just over 3 years.

I grew up in a beautiful wine region and had to get used to the beer culture, but I would say Munich is the city of choice for me. There is so much to do. I spend my evenings and weekends playing trombone in an orchestra, going to concerts with friends, riding my bike, or meeting up with friends in a beer garden. My latest passion is keeping my houseplants alive. Let's see when the first funeral will take place.

How does your typical day look like?

Depending on the evening activities of the previous day, I sleep longer and do home office or ride my bike to the office. Regardless, I usually start work at 8 o'clock. The first thing I do is open the windows. In winter, this is sometimes to the disadvantage of my colleagues. Then I grab a coffee and a water and see what needs to be done. After the morning meeting with my teammates at 8:45 a.m., the workday can look very different. That's one of the things I like and appreciate about my job. Most of the time it's about implementing processes, but customer meetings and internal arrangements are also usual.

Being a working student at Processand, how was it?

Before I started as a working student, I did a three-month internship and, unfortunately, the timing was unfortunate. Thanks to Covid, I could only spend the first week in the office before I started working from home. But that turned out to be no problem, neither for me nor for the company.

I really liked the work and especially the uncomplicated way of working. I didn't plan to work during my studies, but the internship was so much fun that I continued as a working student. A key point away from the actual work was that I was given responsibility right from the start. I was trusted and my work was valued. That's how it was as an intern and as a working student.

An important point for me as a working student was that I could arrange my working hours quite flexibly to combine work well with university. Just like working from home, this was no problem at all. I was able to work less during exam periods and increase my hours during semester breaks.

But now to answer the question. Both as an intern and as a working student it was great, and I wouldn't want to miss the time.

Work aside, what are your favorite parts about being a part of the Processand team?

Clearly the people and the (working) atmosphere. You can tell that it is important to the company that the employees are doing well. In the summer, when the temperatures are hot, you might take a break together and eat ice cream, or in the winter you might visit the nearest Christmas market.

After finishing your studies, you stayed at Processand. Why?

It was mainly the people, the work atmosphere and the actual work that led to this. Even after more than three years, there are still new tasks, new things to learn and room to develop. The fact that the offer took into account my time as a working student and intern showed me that my work over the past few years was appreciated and that my decision to join Processand full-time was the right one.

How have your hobbies helped you at work?

What all my hobbies have in common is that I always pursue them with full attention and joy. This helps me in two ways. To keep me focused while I'm working and to relax after work. For example, I don't think about a problem and what I have to do the next working day while I'm sitting in orchestra rehearsal. That would neither solve the problem nor would it be good for what comes out of my trombone or doesn't come out then. Instead, I practice the next day's work with the same attention and joy as the orchestra rehearsal.

What advice would you give to other working students who are considering joining Processand?

Do it. It's a great opportunity to learn a lot about the working world while you're still studying and the atmosphere at Processand is pleasant, working together with lovely and intelligent people. When I say working together, I really mean working together!

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