Employee Spotlight

Jakub Dvořák

Data Science Team Lead

Jakub Dvorak

Tell us about yourself

My name is Jakub Dvořák, I am a Data Science Team Lead at Processand where I am leading our Czech office in Prague. I will soon be taking up a new role in spearheading our customer success initiatives! But frankly, it is very difficult to capture my role in the company with one name since I am involved in so many different tasks ranging from data science work on active projects, business development with existing and new customers, hiring and running the office, all the way to marketing and production of everyone’s favorite podcast Mining Your Business!

To say that I like my job would be an understatement. I love my job! It’s probably the reason why the last 5 years at Processand have passed by so quickly for me!

Outside of work I run a Czech project focused on personal finance and investing called Rozbité prasátko (literally translated as “Broken piggy bank”). It consists of a podcast, blog and more recently a bestselling book about passive investing.

When I don’t work, you could probably find me in the gym, on the basketball court or enjoying a beer with friends in one of Prague’s many pubs!

How does your typical day look like?

That’s a good question!

First and foremost, I need to hit the gym before work, meaning that my day starts at 5.45 AM. A morning workout is my form of meditation that prepares me for whatever the day throws at me.

Once at work, it really depends on my agenda. There are days when I’m literally going from meeting to meeting, however, more and more I am incorporating dedicated focused times into my calendar, time blocks when I am not available for any meetings. You should try that out too!

Do you think Process Mining is the future and why?

If I didn’t think that, I wouldn’t stay, would I? If you look at it only from a numbers perspective, the process mining market is supposed to grow tenfold over the period of the next 5-10 years. I know I’m speaking for all of our company when I say we want to be a part of it and cut a part of that cake for ourselves.

Numbers aside, process mining is a field where people play the key role. The great majority of our work is analyzing people’s behavior based on the data they are providing us with via their interactions with enterprise systems and we are trying to educate them to do things smarter or not to do them at all. Sure, we are using the fascinating process mining technology, automations, fancy machine learning algorithms and many other things, but “people” is still the keyword here.

As long as there are people running companies, process mining will have a future!

What challenges do you face in your role?

There is obviously a lot of pressure from our customers to come up with superb products and stellar quality of our services. I like this pressure because I know that we as a company are capable of that!

I never thought that I would be leading a workshop with 30 people including C-level stakeholders before even reaching the age of 30.

All in all, my job is constantly changing which makes it extremely challenging but very rewarding at the same time. 

You were one of the first Processand Employees. After all this time, what do you think makes Processand unique?

I am part of the history, present and, hopefully, also the future of our company. I was the second full time employee after Simon Bach who had a month head start. Since Simon is no longer with us it makes me “Numero uno”. Jokes aside, I will forever be grateful for being given this opportunity. I was rejected by approximately 75 German companies before I was given a chance to work at Processand, which back then was a 4 people start-up working in a co-working space.

What makes our company unique is the ability to compete and continuously grow in one of the most crowded markets, which consulting is. Being able to open so many doors in so many large enterprises despite having such a stark competition makes me incredibly proud of the work we do.

How have your hobbies helped you at work?

Oh, tremendously. It’s a never-ending cycle of perpetuating triggers. I take inspiration from my work to my hobbies and vice versa all the time.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t find the interest in investing and later in self-help and educational literature. From almost every book I have read I have extracted some of the wisdom and applied it to my life and career. One of the most influential books I’ve read that boosted my career incredibly was called “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?” by Seth Godin. This book pointed me on a journey towards making my own way at work. It can be as simple as taking responsibility for your own actions, being proactive and having the honest desire to be the best at what you already do.

What makes working at Processand special for you?

I was given an opportunity to be a part of an organization that is bigger than myself, a company full of confident and goal-oriented people, and I am being rewarded for it every single day by the work I do, people I work with and growth opportunities I have. What else could I ask for?

Why should someone join your team in the Prague office?

Aside from the fact that the job is amazing, and the people are nice, our fridge is always full of local beer, and we have a view of Prague’s castle from our office! Oh, and did I mention the balcony on the roof? No?

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