Employee Spotlight

Oksana Kostiuk

Advanced Analytics Team Lead

Oksana Kostiuk

Tell us about yourself

Hey, my name is Oksana (but everyone calls me Oksi). I started in Processand back in the good old 2018 as a Data Scientist. Now I am a Team Lead of the Advanced Analytics team, which is a small, but incredibly cool part of our Data Science teams. I originally am from Ukraine, so blue and yellow are my favorite colors!

How does your typical day look like?

Usually, my work day starts at 9:30. I am checking my emails and joining the daily call with my team. I particularly enjoy this part of the day, because who doesn’t love a quick chat? Also it’s a great way for me to get a morale boost for the day if I am not too energetic or a bit unwind if I have some pressing topics on my table. This morning routine concludes the similarities between my days, the rest varies significantly :) I would typically have 1-2 customer calls a day and then spend the rest of the day working on one of Advanced Analytics projects, so I’d code or work with Execution Apps in Celonis.

What do you enjoy most about the Advanced Analytics department?

Complexity! A lot of times I would get a problem definition from the customer described very vaguely – like “there is some mess in our Accounts Payable, because sometimes the postings are not correct. We need some tool that would highlight the unusual postings to fix that as soon as possible”. This leaves a lot of space for imagination and engineering – we need to first define the problem as exact as possible, and then come up with a solution, that would solve this problem as simply and effectively as it is possible. This might take a lot of iterations and use cases like this are quite often “off the beaten path”, and this sense of innovation that we’re bringing is incredible. Celonis as a tool is evolving a lot quite fast too, so I get to learn something new every day, both from Data Science and frontend-building perspective.

What is/was your favorite project in Advanced Analytics?

For sure, it’s Duplicate Checker! My feelings towards it hold a lot of nostalgia to it, because this was a project that marked the beginning of the Advanced Analytics era and that evolved over time together with Processand and myself. It started as a tricky, yet simple algorithm and a small analytics dashboard. Then there were first findings, and after there was the first million saved by our customers. And then I realized what an amazing solution I’ve created and how important of a job I am doing. Two years later, this simple dashboard evolved into amazing Execution App with variety of automations and Machine Learning algorithms to assist duplicates evaluation.

How have your hobbies helped you at work?

Playing co-op video games really have helped me to build up patience when faced with issues that require a team to solve.

What makes working at Processand special for you?

I as a person always strive for perfection at what I do, and that really correlates with Processand values. It feels great to be one of the best at what we do as a company! :) Also, the team is not just good or great – these are the best people I’ve ever worked with.

Describe your team at Processand with a movie, music or celebrity quote.

"You're a star, baby." /RuPaul

What is your favorite city, why?

In Germany, it’s Berlin. I love it being all energetic and alive 24/7, especially if you compare it to Munich. It’s sad Munich doesn’t really match my vibe, but I really appreciate being so close to the Alps and getting to work in 10 minutes, haha.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to join the advanced analytics team?

If you’re still a student, pay attention in school and learn your math! Accounting would also be of great help. If you’re already working, then make sure you know your math and accounting!

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